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Baja Big Game Rooster and Dorado Panga Fly Fishing at Cerralvo Island/Punta Arenas

2023 Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Trips Calendar

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APRIL 2023

April 22-29 Full

MAY 2023

April 29-May 6 Emerson Cannon Group Full

May 6-13 One Spot!

May 13-20 Full

May 20-27  Full

May 27-June 3   Full

 JUNE 2023

June 3-10  Full

June 10-17  Full

June 18-24 Sespe Flyfishers Full

JULY 2023

July 8-15 Full

July 15-22 Full


August 12-19 Fish First!  Full

August 19-26 Full

August 27-September 2 Women’s Group  Full


Sept 2-9 Kay Fly Fishing Lodge Full

Sept 9-16 Jason Randall Full

Sept 16-23 Full

Sept 23-30 Full

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Baja Fly Fishing Accomodations

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Baja Fly Fishing Accomodations
Gary Bulla Baja Fly Fishing Hotel

Baja Mexico Hosted Rooster Fishing Trips

Every spring, summer and fall a few of us spend a week panga fishing at the best area in Baja for fly anglers, Cerralvo Island/Punta Arena area.
Baja Fly Fishing Rooster Fish

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Now Booking 2022 Trips!

Now booking 2022 trips! Trips are filling quickly.
Registration secures your single occupancy room!

Gary Bulla Baja Mexico Rooster Fish and Dorado Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Baja Mexico Waters Since 1993

Why do my clients return to La Ventana and fish with me year after year? Some have been angling these waters with me annually since 1993. I don’t offer a high end luxury resort or the bustle of tourist attractions. I offer an adventure. Our anglers stay in a small beachfront hotel with private rooms with AC and full baths and the sound of the Sea of Cortez lapping on a secluded beach. They fish with a small group of 9-11 fellow anglers, as individuals, buddies or groups and a family of Baja’s finest fly fishing captains. Our lodge is informal to make you feel at home. It is on the beach, and very clean and comfortable with maid and laundry service. There is no bar bill at the end of the week. Beer and soft drinks are included. There are no restaurant tabs. We have incredible cooks that are constantly being queried for their recipes. We make each other drinks from our own stash of wine and spirits. I often have a local archaeologist speak to us and answer questions about Baja prehistory and Mexican history. We are always looking for ways to make your stay more immersive in the local culture, history and natural surroundings. The friendships formed are enduring, first being welcomed into their lives and in time becoming an integral part of our angling family.


I first met the Lucero family in 1989 and have fished with them every year since. In that time they have become excellent fly fishers and guides. They are finely tuned to the sea and the wind and innately understand the waters and the fish that have been their life and livelihood for many generations. Once you set foot on their panga, their intention is to lead you to the most promising spot and connect you with the fish. But they don’t just give you ”shots”. They understand and love the art of fly fishing. They are skilled at casting, stripping, fly choice and knots and will guide you as any really good guide would do anywhere else. This may be your first time wrestling roosters, dorado, skipjack tuna and other strong fish and we do our best to help you towards a successful trip. Unlike other outfitters, we try to pressure our fishery as little as possible. That includes not over harvesting the bait schools and taking only a few gamefish for food. The captains understand that this fishery will be left to their kids. Our goal is to make this a really fun trip, with only the best folks in full support of that week-long journey into discovering the richness of the Sea of Cortez, the beauty and tastes of Baja Sur and it’s wonderful people.

Our season in 2021 went extremely well, with a great bait supply and lots of big rooster fish all season long! We encountered dorado every week, but they were more sparse than other years.Thankfully, they were large for the most part. We also landed many marlin on the fly, mostly in July, which was a dream fulfillment for the lucky anglers. We even had a few doubles.

Find me on Instagram #bajabulla and on Facebook at Gary Bulla’s Flyfishing Adventures group. Please join up for current reports!

Baja Fly Fishing Rooster Fish

A rooster fish release. I love the way the sea changes the perspective. Looking up from the water can be so different than squinting down into it. ...

Got a nice one with Efren before a torito chased us closer to the launch, weather happens. ...

The flyfishing this season has been as good as gets. We had a double hook up on giant roosters that required one if the anglers to jump in another boat to fight his. A story that won’t be forgotten! #roosterfish, #baja, #flyfishingphotography, #catchandrelease, #itsallhomewater, @patagonia_flyfish ...

We fished over this guy for 30 minutes until we found the fly he liked. We did not lift him out of the water but after his brief 25 minute battle he was pooped. After some revival he swam off strong! Great job Nigel! #rooster fish, #baja, #catchandrelease, #itsallhomewater, @patagoniaflyfishing ...

From a week ago. We were still getting some grande gallos. We will be back real soon to do it again. ...

Saw this gallo take the fly just under the surface. That’s a sight I’ll always love! ...

At first I thought they were jellyfish, but after my captain corrected me I had to jump in to photograph these beautiful baby African pámpano. ...

This 600 pound fish rolled up on our beach in La Ventana today! What is it?? ...

Captain Efren gently releases my morning encounter with a rooster fish. ...

Giant manta crosses our bow. Every day brings wonder in Baja. ...

Last week was full of firsts again. Lots of big fish, laughs, great food, music and fun. What a great group of angling friends. ...

Captain Luciano raised some beauties for us! Bart told me that he’s traveled widely but this is the best fishing trip he’s ever experienced. Makes my day! ...

Captain Efren shows us how it`s done! ...

Beautiful rainbow runner on fly! ...

Winged creature! ...

Oh no! Someone impaled a churro on my antenna! ...

About 32 years ago we were lucky enough to become friends with this incredible man and his family. Yvon taught me to flyfish in fresh water and salt. He has been a friend and mentor to me in so many ways. His relentless devotion to saving and restoring our natural treasures from mankind’s greed has always been his number one priority. He walks the talk. I just hope that some of the other thousands of wealthy families realize that they should follow his example. It is later than we think. Thank you Yvon! You are always an inspiration.@patagonia @patagonia_flyfish @patagoniaprovisions @patagonia_surf #yvonchouinard ...