Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Videos

The Baja Knot is a great loop knot for tying your fly to your leader.

Fly Fishing Surf Fly Recipies and Video

Gary Bulla and friends have developed a series of salt water flies that have proved very effective on a wide variety of salt water species. We have posted recipes for your use.

Gary Bulla’s Gremmie in Red, Orange, Root Beer, and Olive

Beach and Surf Fly Fishing Fly Recipies

Beach and Surf Fly Fishing Fly Recipies for Southern California and Baja California

Hoonie Ghost Shrimp

Hoonie Ghost Shrimp

Shane’s Surf Fry

Shane's Surf Fry

Chartreuse Clouser

Chartreuse Clouser

Pink/White Clouser

Pink White Clouser

The Red Worm

Red Worm

The Orange Worm

Orange Worm

Sand Crab

Sand Crab Fly

Glen T’s Ruffy

Glen T's Ruffy Fly

YC’s Weedless Bugger

YC's Weedless Bugge

J.P.’s Beach Bug

J.P.'s Beach Bug