Doug’s Beak Fly


Doug's Beak Fly

Doug’s Beak Fly


Hook: #6 or #4 Tiemco 811S or Daiichi 2546

Thread: White Danville’s Flat Waxed Nylon

Eye: 5/32” or 3/16” Spirit River machined brass hourglass

Claw (tail): Calf tail

Eye Cover: Any color craft bead lace (Rexlace) or large vinyl rib

Body: Orange, medium vinyl rib or clear vinyl rib over orange flashabou

Wing: Calf tail


The machined brass eyes are tied under the hook point. I moved the weight back from the original position at the hook eye to prevent the fly from diving in the sand bottom. The ghost shrimp that this fly impressionistically imitates swims with its claws together in front of its body and uses its legs for power (much like brine shrimp). It settles to the bottom (not dives) and uses its tail to bury itself in the sand. This is quite a sight. The naturals come in a variety of colors.

The eye cover is placed on the fly to protect the thread wraps that hold the brass eyes to the hook. Since the weight is the part of the fly that is constantly being sand blasted during the retrieve, the thread wraps on my original iterations were being frayed. This cover cured the problem. Taper the lace on each end for a neat tie in. I also now use it on other flies intended for the surf. I purchase the material from a craft store.

The claw (tail) is tied approximately 1/3 of the way around the bend of the hook. The claw will stick up out of the bottom while the fly is a rest. This modification causes the fly to twist in the air but had been a very big improvement in attracting pick-ups by the fish.

All exposed thread and vinyl rib is protected from the sand with 30-minute epoxy. I find that this slow cure epoxy penetrates nicely and provides long lasting protection.