Originated by Dean Endress






Hook: Eagle Claw LO54SSU, Diachi 2451, Dai Riki 930 #4 through #8

Thread: 6/0 Hot Orange Danville

Eyes: Black Dazyl Eyes, sized to hook- #4-3/16″, #6-5/32″, #81/8″

Tail: Tan calf tail over hot orange calf tail, two strands of tan UV Krystal Flash down each side.

Body: Rear half-Hot orange Lagartun Mini Flat Braid, coat with UV Knot Sense

Front half: Simmer Gold Estaz

Wing: “Sand” Extra Select Fur


Tying Instructions

  1. The Dazl Eyes are tied in at a Point just slightly behind the Hook point. This puts the Eyes just in front on the hook bend. securely anchor the Dazl Eyes with Tying thread, whip finish & apply Zap-A Gap CA+ to the thread wraps… I usually prepare a number of hooks to this point & glue the eyes at one time….
  2. Tie in the Thread again right in front of the Dazl Eyes & wrap it down onto the hook bend about 1/3rd the way. Tie in a small amount of Un-evened Hot Orange Calf Tail. On top of this, tie in an equal amount of Un-evened Tan Calf Tail ( I never Stack Calf Tail for Surf flies…uneven tips look more natural). Tie in 2 strands of Tan UV Krystal Flash on each side of the tail. The Krystal flash tips should extend slightly beyond the calf tail. Tie in a Length of Lagartun Hot Orange Flat Mini Braid and wrap it forward to the Dazl Eyes, then figure “8” it around the Eyes, finish off Directly in front of the Dazl Eyes. I tie off the thread at this Point. I assemble a number of flies to this point (Assembly line Tying, if you will…) I then coat the Flat Mini Braid with Loon Outdoors’ UV KNOT SENSE. Apply the UV Knot Sense thinly inside (out of direct sunlight) then take the coated flies out in direct Sunlight…. expose all sides to the sun light & the UV Knot Sense is instantly cured.. it results in a tough coating that will stand up to the “Heavy Grit Sand Paper” grinding of the Surf …Of course if you own a UV Flashlight, you can just “zap” the UV Knot sense at your tying vice….
  3. re-attach the tying thread and tie in a length of “Shimmer Gold” Estaz. apply a liberal amount of Thinned Flexi-ment to the Thread wraps & carefully wrap the Estaz forward, taking care not to bind down the Mylar strands as you wrap forward. You should always thin your Flexi-ment ’cause it thickens too fast. Thinned Flexi-ment will soak into the Thread core of the Estaz & anchor it the the hook. We want our flies Bomb Proof… Tie off the Estaz. Tie in a length of Sand Extra Select Craft fur. I do not even the tips much ( we want to avoid a Paint Brush effect). The Craft fur should reach the end of the tail. Tie off The Craft fur & whip Finish. Now you can apply the UV Knot Sense to the Thread head & expose it to Sunlight… Your Razzler is done.

The RAZZLER follows a belief that too much flash can cause fish to avoid your fly at times. There is Hot Orange in the tail & the rear 1/2 of the body…but it is Veiled with the Earthy tones of the Tan Calftail & the Sand Craft Fur. there is flash, but both the Tan UV Krystal Flash the Shimmer Gold Estaz are reduced in intensity…just enough flash to interest a fish..not make ’em run for the Hills…

The RAZZLER has proven successful for myself & a number of other Surf Flyfishers. Halibut, Croaker, Corbina & the ever lovin’ Surfperch have all found the Razzler to their liking.
The Razzler has become a Standard pattern for my Surf adventures, to the Point it’s what I usually tie to my leader first…and often never have want to fish another pattern. I hope it produces as well for you……