Remember Gary, I am a charter member! Just keep a space for mel

Rich Hall

As unique of an adventure experience as you’ll ever find.

Mike “Ugly Stick” Hammer

Just wanted to thank you for a great trip! Memories I’ll have for a lifetime.

Richard Carlson

and the many tricks of the trade you showed me, and safety tips, will no doubt prove invaluable.

Rik Prussing

I just want to say thanks for providing such a WONDERFUL resource for learning about this great sport.

Bill Baker

It was truly a great experience. I’d love to (and need to!) to do it again.

Aaron Taylor

Thank you so much for a trip of a life time.

Paul Dejung

I don’t think we have to tell people about how good Gary’s trips are.

Lew Riffle

Gary’s trips are the best bang for the buck in the industry. Nobody is even close.

Randy Norris

A week with Gary Bulla tangling with butt­kicking Baja fish will change your life.

Scott Sadil